Comments from buyers and viewers of Stan De Loach's abstract/non-objective acrylic paintings:

“Oh my gosh, those [Abstract One and Abstract Two] are amazing!”
     -- Psychologist (male), Nevada, USA, 6-2015

     -- Psychologist (female), Texas, USA, 6-2015

“Great abstracts
[Abstract One and Abstract Two].”
     -- Businessman, New South Wales, Australia, 6-2015

“What you've painted is spectacularly beautiful!  It warms my heart.”
     -- Organizational consultant (female), Washington, USA, 6-2015

“Nice!  Love these
[114 and GordIAN, Not 2].”
     -- Nationally recognized artist (female), New York, USA, 6-2015

“Your creativity has always been a special and unique contribution.  Thank you for your lovely abstracts [1700 and Abstract One] that encourage a variety of feelings and thoughts.”
     -- Librarian and organizational expert (female), Missouri, USA, 6-2015

“Thank you for the imagery.”
     -- Former President of national consulting institution (male), Massachusetts, USA, 6-2015

“I appreciate your sharing your experience in such a beautiful way.”
     -- Counseling psychologist (female), University, Missouri, USA, 6-2015

“So cool.”
     -- Attorney-at-law, university educator (female), Massachusetts, USA, 6-2015

     -- Businesswoman, México, Distrito Federal, 6-2015

“I am truly enjoying your work.”
     -- Artist (female), Florida, USA, 6-2015

“Real advance in your work in my opinion.  Your art just keeps getting better.  I'm impressed.”
     -- Psychoanalyst and clinical psychologist (female), California, USA, 6-2015

“Qué lindo.”
     -- Psychoanalyst and clinical psychologist (male), New York, USA, 6-2015

“I am not sure what was your vision for this painting [Hell and High Water], but I do not think this is you.  I love colors but you never did.  You like blue colors.  Things have changed for you.  Keep on painting.”
     -- City sanitation manager (female), Texas, USA, 6-2015

“I really like it! Your colors are great, and I can see how you came up with the title [Hell and High Water].”
     -- Molten glass artist (female), Missouri, USA, 6-2015

“Aptly named [Hell and High Water].  I have a vision of a library bleeding upward.  I very much like this, even with the message of impending doom.”
     -- Artist and organizational consultant (female), Missouri, USA, 6-2015

“¡Muy bonita!  ¡Me gustó mucho!  ¡Felicidades!”
     -- Doctor and Diabetes Educator (female), Cataluña, Spain, 6-2015

“It is wonderful.”
     -- Cuban-American chef (female), Louisiana, USA, 6-2015

“Looking good!  Love the gravity-defying drips.”
     -- Nationally recognized artist (female), New York, USA, 6-2015

“In your painting [Abstract 2] I immediately saw a world map.  Then I wondered why the Americas and Australia were missing; then was puzzled why that red cloud was covering China (Mao?), but actually the cloud was covering Japan, Korea, and the far end of Siberia....  And so I discovered Alaska, so the Americas were there!”
     -- Institutional/organizational consultant, Belgium, 6-2015

“I love this painting [“Hell and High Water”]; it is so striking.  Beautiful as well as political.  It would catch my eye in a room full of other artwork.”
     -- University Psychologist and Educator (female), Illinois, USA, 6-2015

“Another artist to whom I showed your earlier work just wrote me today: 'Well done.  He's talented.'”
     -- Artist, California, USA, 6-2015

“This is beautiful.”
     -- Advisor in Leadership (male), South Africa, 6-2015

“ Your abstracts are fantastic! What a wonderful gift of reflection on your experience.”
     -- Psychologist (female) working with the deaf, Texas, USA, 6-2015

“ What BEAUTIFUL images! I love the colors!”
     -- Senior psychologist consultant (female), Sweden, 6-2015

“ Are you saying you painted these works of art?  I did not know you were an artist!  How amazing…they are beautiful!  You are very unique.”
     -- Attorney-at-law (female), Florida, USA, 6-2015

“ Beautiful vibrant paintings!”
     -- Jungian psychoanalyst, Massachusetts, USA, 6-2015

“Your graphics move me, but I cannot express how.  They leave an image and mark my vision for a long time now, and I let them continue to work on me.”
     -- Philosopher (female), Belgium, 6-2015

“These evocative art pieces made me smile.”
     -- Psychotherapist (female), Japan, 6-2015

“Good to get the emotions out and hang the painting [Vida y muerte amazónicas - Life and death on the Amazon] face down.”
     -- Information technology specialist (female), Croatia, 6-2015

“I am not sure I understand the significance of the title [Hell and High Water].  I do get the feeling of being disturbed--but I don't know why.  Am I missing something?”
     -- Needlepoint artist (female), Florida, USA, 6-2015

“Your graphics move me, but I cannot express how.  They leave an image and mark my vision for a long time, and I let them continue to work on me.  I think that my kind of art is connected with people, and especially with my a- and de-scendance and with what family history can reveal.  Perhaps this is what your work gives to me: the reconnection with what makes me tick: my trying to restore a sad family history into a warm reality.”
     -- Professional (female), Belgium, 6-2015

“ Wow - a wonderfully provocative piece [Hell and High Water]!”
     -- Cllinical neuropsychologist (female), California, USA, 6-2015

“ Impressive.”
     -- Musician (female), Indiana, USA, 7-2015

“ No soy experto, pero tus pinturas me parecen maravillosas.”
     -- Chemist (male), México, Distrito Federal, 7-2015

“ Muy bonitos cuadros.  Muy relajantes.”
     -- Managing Director (male), Electrical Industry, Querétaro, México, 7-2015

“ I love them!!!  Don't stop -- keep them coming.”
     -- Retired artist (female), Florida, USA, 7-2015

“ I LOVE getting these although I do have to manage some envy!  The last one
[Vida y muerte amazónicas - Life and death on the Amazon] I would name 'Bleeding Ballerinas.'”
     -- Leader (female) in group relations area, Missouri, USA, 7-2015

“ You certainly have made much progress.”
     -- Retired City Manager (female), Texas, USA, 7-2016

“ Me encantaron tus pinturas.  ¡Gracias por compartirlas!  Me gustó mucho la composición y los colores y las obras totales.”
     -- Nutrition and Metabolism doctor (female), España, 7-2015

“ Most striking to me was the title Hell and High Water.  Did you think about hurrican Katrina's devastation of New Orleans?  Or, something on your journeys on the Amazon River?  Maybe Hell can be associated with both burning fire and floods.  The picture seems to me as a continuation of the one of yours that I have, although it turned dramatically from blue to red domination.  I like the depth and complexity: multi-layers of painting above newspapers.  So, continue.  Express what needs to be expressed.”
     -- Railway locomotive driver and engineer (male), Germany, 11-2015

“ ¡Qué lindo cuadro [Crowd Pleaser]!  ¡¡¡Me gustó mucho!!!  La experiencia hace al maestro también en la pintura.  Tal vez tienes que exponerlos en el Jardín del Arte o algún sitio.”
      -- Nutrition and Metabolism doctor (female), España, 12-2015

“ You have so much talent.”
     -- International travel counselor (female), Missouri, USA, 12-2015

Crowd Pleaser is an apt name for the painting.  I really enjoy the blues and greens and their placement on the canvas.  Thank you for sharing your work with me.  Seeing your paintings really makes me miss being creative.  Do you have a website [] with all your paintings?”
     -- Administrator of international organization (female), Ohio, USA, 12-2015

“ (The painting) Clear Vision is definitely something I always strive for!”
     -- Diagnostic laboratory specialist (female), Ohio, USA, 12-2015

“ I sincerely love the painting [Migration].  It is quite lovely and I can see how world migration fits into the theme.  Feel free to send more!”
     -- Musician and music blogger (male), New York, USA, 12-2015

“ The painting [Crowd Pleaser] is amazing.  I particularly like the color combination.”
     -- Accountant (female), Mississippi, USA, 12-2015

“ I love the painting [Crowd Pleaser] - amazing!  One of my favorites so far.”
     -- Attorney-at-law (female), Florida, USA, 12-2015

“ Oh, my.  Your virtual card [Crowd Pleaser] will inform my dreams!”
     -- Poetess, Missouri, USA, 12-2015

“ The painting [Crowd Pleaser] is beautiful!”
     -- Clinical social worker (female), New York, USA, 1-2016